Construction Management

Construction management is MAYLAN’s specialty.
After establishing a clear budget in collaboration with you, we manage and oversee all the construction phases of the project. We provide you with a delivery process that is transparent, diligent and team-centered. You’re involved in achieving the best construction at the best price, throughout the entire process.

Project Management

MAYLAN can oversee both the design phase and the construction phase of a project.
As we provide strict controls that ensure your project is completed on time, on budget and up to the highest standards, you gain an advantage by including us as the project manager at the earliest stages of your project.

Lump Sum Contracts

MAYLAN offers the option of estimating a commercial, industrial, institutional or residential construction project as a lump sum contract. We put our estimators to work on job costing and overall project pricing to give you a reliable quote we honour through to project completion.

Feasibility Studies and Preliminary Budgets

MAYLAN can prepare a preliminary construction budget that enables you to evaluate the feasibility of a project and the required financing. Such studies are instrumental in helping you plan accordingly and establish realistic deliverables and timelines.